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Yesterday when out KAP’ing I had a plan. I wanted to cross over to the tiny island Little Denmark with my KAP-kite. But did I hit the required low tide?

The conditions were close to perfect. The stable sea breeze, blue sky and bright sunshine is always nice. But I needed one more thing; low tide!

You see this little island can only be reached by foot when the tide is low. There is this stretch of a sandbank connecting the island to the mainland. However, this sandbank is submerged at high tide.

Yes, you can get across at high tide too, but then you’re gonna get wet! I didn’t bring my wellies nor my waders so I opted to wait for the low(er) tide. Which gave me an hour or so filming other stuff.

I walked onto the sandbank leading to the island a couple of times to check the tide, but it was still too high, too much water, just about halfway across. But finally, things started to look promising. I guess I could have waited for another thirty minutes, but I was too impatient. Let’s give it a go!

…and this is how it worked out!

The Crossing

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