Kite Flying in the Golden Fields
I tried to fly in the golden fields the other day too, but the conditions weren’t right. But today…!
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Blokhus Denmark
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Yeah, today was more like it! I went to the stables to feed the horses in the afternoon and just a five minutes walk away there is this really nice field now being harvested. So I grabbed the stuff and walked over to the spot and found the field bathing in the golden rays of the setting sun. Wow! Nice!

How about the wind? Well, down on ground level it wasn’t too much, but judging from the rustling leaves in the treetops it should be very much flyable up there, so I decided to go with the 180cm orange Rokkaku and a 50kg lineset of 250m. It sounded like a good combination for the current conditions.

I unwinded 50 meters or so of flying line, assembled and hooked the Rok’ onto the line and started to work it up into the sky. It took some effort to get it high enough to find the stable wind, but after letting out quite some more flying line, the Rok found the required winds to stay aloft. High over the treetops, the wind was smooth and stable and above any turbulence created by the surrounding trees. Soon I had the Rokkaku sitting really stable up there.

The kite/wind combination created enough lift to carry the rig and the GoPro camera, but I was worried that adding the gimbal would mean a too heavy load so I decided the Hypersmooth feature of the GoPro would be sufficient for stability.

With the KAP-gear all in place, I worked the kite even higher and soon I had the camera well above the trees and the kite even higher up there. The wind down low was very light but obviously, it was a bit more of it up there because the kite was sitting really stable up there so there was not much use for that gimbal anyway.

The sun was already low in the sky and while it slowly but surely neared the horizon, the light got even more golden and the shadows grew longer making for really interesting light conditions which you really can see in the video below!

Kite Flying in the Golden Fields

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