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Learn Kite Maintenance!

Hopefully, if restrictions will allow, we're going to the Nordic Kite Meeting 2021 in Rømø the first week of September. And I have a few kites needing some TLC!
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see you there!

June 3rd - June 6th
May 30th - June 5th
Days to go!
...and we're off!

No, I definitely don’t baby my kites! I give them a beating when I fly because if anything breaks, it’s most likely possible to repair. That said, I don’t abuse them on purpose, but I guess my flying style is a bit like that and flying Nirvanas for almost twenty years now have formed my way of flying. Those Nirvanas surely need that, shall we call it, distinct input!?

This flying style of mine, combined with many hours on the flying field surely put a mark or to on my kites and sometimes – however kind of rare actually – things break. …and things get worn. So before going to the NKM I decided to go through all of my To-Go-Kites and check for wear and tear and repair whatever damage was done.

Then I got this idea. Why not let you in on this project? I’m sure there are things to learn from me trying to patch up a bunch of old and worn kites. You know, maybe replacing a bridle leg or two, maybe do a nose job to a kite wich spine is poking through the webbing, maybe patch up a hole in the sail, maybe replace a broken spar, maybe replace some worn-out fittings or yoyo-stoppers. You name it!

So I have decided to film if not all repairs, at least quite a few of them and upload the videos to the AERIALIS Kites’ YouTube Channel so that you can take part in my restoration project! Cool, isn’t it?!

I’ve started already so here are a couple of videos for you to watch!

The Kite Maintenance Project – Coming soon to a screen near you!
Kite Maintenance Project – Replacing an upper spreader and patching up a tear in the LE pocket

see you there!

June 3rd - June 6th
May 30th - June 5th
Days to go!
...and we're off!
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