Sure, Denmark is great for flying kites but Norway isn’t too bad either. So today on this absolutely super September afternoon I was out flying on one of the local beaches.
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Blokhus Denmark
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Blokhus Denmark
June 2nd - 8th 2025

When I left home, the winds were very light, but according to the weather forecast, it should pick up a little. So off I went!

When I got to the beach the wind was definitely not exactly howling. Nope, rather the opposite. A slight draft came along the beach and I didn’t bother to set up for KAP quite yet. I rather grabbed a light wind QLK and took it for a spin while waiting for that promised stronger winds.

After half an hour or so, it felt like the wind was on the rise, so I grounded the QLK and started to set up for some KAP. I first put up a Power Sled 36 on a 100kg line, but I had to work it non stop to keep it aloft. No way this combo could fly the KAP rig.

Then I switched to a lighter line, 50kg, and at first, things looked promising. But after a while working the lifter kite I put it all down and picked up the QLK again.

Before I called it a day I dug out a Peter Lynn Pilot Kite 2m² and that kite actually managed to stay aloft by itself! I decided to hook the rig with the camera attached and finally things started to brighten up!

I got the camera up there and managed to get a handful of decent shots before I had to pack it al up and head over to the stables. In the gallery below, you can take a look at today’s “catch”!

2 Responses

  1. Back from Denmark… You don’t really believe in rest, do you? 🙂

    The grain size of the Norwegian beach looks larger than the sand of a typical Danish beach. I’m sure it is less invasive as well. Better use all returning kites to get rid of that pesky sand!

    Haven’t seen that Rev before, what is it?

    1. Back from Denmark… You don’t really believe in rest, do you? …

      I sleep at night. Does that count? ? And yes, the best way of getting rid of that Danish sand is to take the kites for a spin or two!

      That Rev… I actually don’t know. It was … donated… to me so I don’t know its exact origin, but it has this print saying “Revolution 20yrs Anniversary” on one of the wingtips. Does that ring any bells?

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