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My original plan was to go KAP'ing on Thursday afternoon, but plans are not always playing out.
It's been a while since last time I brought out the KAP-rig but yesterday the conditions were too good to leave it in the bag!
I had a plan.... To go flying early Sunday morning. Get up before the sun and do some aerial videos using kites. So I had the alarm going off really early!
Yes, I've been there before. Faking drone shots. But now, after I have drones myself and kind of know how they work, I gave it another shot!
Just what I hoped for! Nice weather, good winds and leaving work early. Time for flying, here we go!
Hey! Look what dumped down into my mailbox yesterday. My Kite Aerial Book!
For the last year or so I've saved all my KAP photos on a portable hard drive and the last month I've taken a closer look at all of them.
When I started doing KAP, I had this idea that the camera had to go high up off the ground and pointing towards the horizon to get good shots.
It was supposed to rain ... a lot! But despite what was promised in the weather forecast, the clouds parted and the sun popped out. The wind was blowing too!
Some time ago I published a post on why I like to do my aerial videos using a kite rather than a drone. Remember...?
It's late September and that means the autumn is here. And today I spotted some of the first colours of that season from up above.
I was doing some Kite Aerial Videography the other day and got this idea. What if I fly the rig above the boats, camera facing straight down?
In a previous post, I was taking you through how you can fake drone shots using a kite. Today I gave it another go.
Yesterday was windy and perfect for flying kites! So despite working late, I managed to squeeze a couple of hours of kite flying into a tight schedule.
Some say that kite aerial photography is best when the sun is shining. I can agree to that, but it's not too bad playing around when it's overcast either!

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