Is the Gimbal Improving Kite Aerial Video Stability?

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I have a couple of 3-axis gimbals that I use when I’m out doing Kite Aerial Video. But … are the gimbals really improving the video stability?

Some twelve years ago, I took my first stab at shooting aerial video from a kite. I made som kind of rig, attached my video camera to it, hit the record-button and sent it all up there.

The result…? Well, kind of wobbly! 😉

Try not to get seasick!🤢

And then the years went by but a couple of years ago I started to do some KAP again and found it very fascinating!

I also upgraded the equipment a little, purchasing a GoPro Hero 7 Black for enhanced video quality. This was the first GoPro with the Hypersmooth stabilization functionality which really was a game changer! No doubt the Hypersmoot functionality improved the video stability immensely.

So…. What’s the point of adding more tools – a gimbal – for further improving video stability, and, is the stability even improved?

I’ll answer the second question first:


The gimbals that I carry, the WG2X by Feiyutech and the 3-axis gimbal by YI, is improving video stability A LOT! If you fly the rig down low, you can clearly see how the gimbal is continuously working to keep the GoPro as stable as possible.

And when you take a look at the captured footage, there is no doubt. The gimbal IS doing a heck of a job to stabilise the video.

Below I’ve included two videos so that you can see the difference yourself. Both videos are shot using the same GoPro and in similar conditions. The first video is shot without a gimbal and for the other one I’m using the WG2X gimbal.

…and the winner is … Well, I guess you can see for yourself!

Aerial video shot WITHOUT using a gimbal

Aerial video shot USING a gimbal

And by that, I guess I also have answered that first question of mine; it is worthwhile using that gimbal for stability?


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