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Quite some time ago, I built an indoor quad lined kite. But frankly, I haven't been quite satisfied with its overall flight characteristics.
I found some time to go out and fly the Pink Rok's little brother yesterday. And when a kite you've built yourself flies like this.... WOW!
With some more pink ripstop fabric left over after building the Pink Rok' I decided to make her a little brother!
When building my Rokkakus, I make the cross pieces myself from a transparent plastic hose. There's just this little problem...
A light breeze from the North West and a bright sun shining down from a perfectly blue sky made for great conditions for the Pink Rok's first flight!
Can you spot them? Picasso's ladies? ...or can you only see the beautiful artwork of a kite by kite maker Anders Matson?
Do you remember I was telling you about the 'how to build a rokkaku' some time ago? Yes, I guess you do.
Yesterday I completed yet another build project and today I was up early to fly it before the winds died down!
I've recently built a large light wind Rokkaku and today the conditions were just about perfect for its initial flight.
I'm in the middle of editing the video on how to build a Rokkaku, and it's taking its time! But meanwhile I'm also keeping up my kite building skills!
Today I started filming for the 'How to Build a Rokkaku' video! Just like I promised you some time ago
It's a perfect autumn day with howling winds and pouring rain. It's a perfect day to stay indoors and ... build a kite!
Inspired (?) by the crap weather lately I decided to make myself another item for my Rokkaku collection. So yesterday I got going!
In another recent post I was telling you a little more on the Three Dee kite I've experimented with. Here is some more on that weird(?) kite!
A couple of weeks ago I let you all in on this little project of mine; adding a 3D shape to the sail on one of my quads.

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