Funky Coloured Rokkaku

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Yesterday I completed yet another build project and today I was up early to fly it before the winds died down!

If you’re allergic to funky colours, you better stop reading now! And if you continue reading, well, you’ve been warned! ?

The sail of this new rokkaku is made from leftover fabric from a couple of previous build projects of mine. I’ve patched them together and cut out a rokkaku shaped sail of the patchwork.

Nope, I wouldn’t have selected this colour combination for any other reason than using the left over pieces. But hey, if it’s a good flyer, who cares? ?

So I pulled it out of its sleeve, inserted the rods for the spine, tightened the bowlines and checked out the angle of attack. And after a few adjustments, I was ready to launch the quite colourful kite.

A nice breeze ticked in from the sea, grabbed the kite and lifted it high up into the air while I was feeding the line. About 30 meters up there I tethered the line to the ground and took a closer look at the kite. Somewhat unstable but after yet a few tweaks things got better.

For some reason the kite felt kind of heavy and more wind was needed to keep it in the air compared to the other rokkakus I had up there. Maybe it’s a good idea to replace both the bridle and the bowlines with thinner and lighter pieces of string? I might do that later, but hey, no worries! It flies pretty well with its current setup too!

Funky Colours in the Air!

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