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Do you remember I was telling you about the ‘how to build a rokkaku’ some time ago? Yes, I guess you do.

I had all the footage down, you know, all the details from the building process, footage from the successful initial flight, all the voiceovers and all the graphics. It was all stored nicely on a micro SD card.

I thought….

But it happened not to be quite true. It seemed like I had been formatting this memory card by accident and all the files were ….yes, right…. Gone!

No worries though. There should be a backup somewhere up there in the Cloud. So I fired up my Chromebook and took it up into the Cloud.


I couldn’t find the backup up there. What!?!

I spent the next hour or so looking for the files but I couldn’t find them. I turned every stone, but the files weren’t there!


All the work down the drain! ?

Well, nothing else to do but build another rokkaku and shoot the footage all over again.

On the bright side … I’ll get another kite to add to the collection.

I’ll keep you posted…?

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