Plans for the Weekend

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…is to try to stay warm … and do some flying with both kites and the Staaker drone.

The long and pretty mild autumn has definitely come to an end. The temperature has dropped way below freezing and the cold, easterly winds are adding to the chill factor. So when I go flying this weekend I better dress properly!

This week I’ve spent some time going through quite a few videos from and about the Staaker drone to find out more about its capabilities and how to make the best shots of (me) flying kites. I’ve also read through the complete Staaker user guide to learn all of its different modes and functions. So this weekend my game plan is to go out there and practice flying and hopefully shoot some really cool and different scenes.

On Saturday I plan to focus on practice to fly the drone using its different modes. If I feel comfortable I hope to include some shots of me flying too.

On Sunday I hope to make another kite video combining the usual tripod scenes and scenes shot from the drone. I have ideas for four or five different drone shot scenes to be included in the final edited video using the different flying/filming modes.

And as always, I’ll keep you posted along the way! ?

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