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Is it possible? Can I really use my drone to capture cool footage of myself flying kites indoor? Well, let's find out!
On Saturday I was out checking out on of my favourite flying locations from up above.
I was a bit concerned when leaving the house. It was dead calm. There's usually at least some draft when I get to the water. But .... How about today?
I've been playing around with Google Maps trying to locate new flying spots. Yesterday I found a promising one on the map, but what would this be like for real?
So... How do I go about filming myself with a drone whilst flying a kite. Is it possible?
In a previous post I wrote about why I preferred kites rather than drones when shooting aerial footage. Despite now using drones that post is still valid, 'cause .... drones are different animals!
Getting up to fly at sunrise this first day of the brand new 2022. But where did the wind go?
I think Santa read my whish list 'cause he got me my top priority! ??
I was hoping to fly both a couple of rokkakus and the Staaker but the complete absence of wind made for drone flying only.
I've had the Staaker in the air a few times now, and I thought I'd share my first impressions of it with you!
While out flying and shooting footage from the Staaker, I've put together a little video editing a few clips from the drone footage. to try to stay warm ... and do some flying with both kites and the Staaker drone.
Ahem.... Well... I have a confession to make... I've bought a ... drone!?

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