It’s Just Like Having Your Own Film Crew!
I’ve taken my Hover Air X1 for a couple of more test runs and – wow – it’s almost like having you own film crew!
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I’m starting to get to know the Hover Air X1, or the flying selfie camera if you like, a little better. I went to this little park just a four-minute walk from my house and played around with it in the chilly and quite blustery conditions. Was the drone comfortable with the wind and would the footage be stable enough to serve a purpose?

Well, you can take a look at the result in the video below.

Flying in the park

You can see from the video that it’s pretty windy out there, but the drone had no problems doing its job. The video is also surprisingly stable thanks to the gimbal and stabilisation software built into the drone.

So it’s kind of having a cameraman following every step you take and capturing that footage!

Later that day, on my way to the stable, I stopped at a nice location by one of the local lakes. There is this little beach and some forest now really dressing up in its colourful clothing. I decided to bring out the drone again and do some more testing. This time I also activated the sound recording. This function allows you to record your voice using the microphone on your mobile phone while the software is synchronizing the video and the sound and, most importantly, removing the sound of the drone (completely)!

So now I can walk around and talk to my audience while the Hover Air X1 is following me, capturing the footage of me walking and recording my talking! Just like in this video!

Walking and Talking

This definitely opens another world to my content creation and I’ve already so many ideas on how to utilize this tool in my future (kite) filmmaking.

Yes, this is gonna be FUN! 🤩

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