My First Stab at Stacked Indoor Flying
I didn’t think I would find time to fly kites yesterday, but I managed to squeeze in a few minutes nevertheless!
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Blokhus Denmark
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Despite a reasonably tight schedule, I managed to squeeze in a few minutes of kite flying in the evening after taking care of the horses.

A while ago – hoping to make a video for the World Wide Virtual Indoor Kite Festival – I prepped two Sweeties. I removed the bridle on one of them and attached it to the other with five stacking lines. The goal was to fly these stacked kites in no wind conditions, either outdoors or inside the indoor riding arena I can access.

Unfortunately, time didn’t allow for making a video for the festival, but yesterday the whole setup was in the trunk of my car, and after finishing up with the horses, I brought the kites down to the arena and was ready to give it a try.

At home, I had attempted to adjust the stack lines properly to ensure the correct and even spacing between the kites, but you never know if you’ve got it right until you fly them. So there was some excitement as I had assembled both kites, attached the flying lines, and set them up ready for launch.

Of course, the session was to be filmed, so my phone was set up in camera mode on a tripod a few meters away. I made sure the focus was right, tapped lightly on the record button, walked over to the kites, and …

My first stab at stacked indoor flying

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