The Wind Picked Up

The Wind Picked Up

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The 26th Nordic Kite Meeting
Blokhus Denmark, May 13th - 19th 2024
I was a bit concerned when leaving the house. It was dead calm. There’s usually at least some draft when I get to the water. But …. How about today?

While driving I looked for signs of wind. You know, rustling leaves, flags waving in the wind and others. But no such signs turned up for quite some time.

But then….yes! I saw that flag indicating a nice breeze from a South Westerly direction. And as soon as I found the current wind direction, I knew exactly which beach to fly!

I parked the car, grabbed the rucksack and the kite bag and started to walk towards the water. I even bumped into, well, kind of, three deer on my way through the forest!

Can you see the deer?
Can you see the deer?

When I got to the beach the deer were long gone but yes, I had a nice breeze coming in from the water! After a quick rundown of kites I went for the A-Quad Semivented and a 10m set of lines. Brand new ones, by the way. 👍

Soon the icarex was flying happily up there and I got warmed up feeling goooood!

And it was time to launch the drone and do some – hopefully – epic kite flying footage from up there. I was using the waypoint mission of the Maven Pilot app and judging from what I could see on the screen while flying looked promising!

Slowly but surely the wind picked up and I had to go for a kite with more ventilation. I grabbed for the 3 x vented green kite and soon it had taken the place of the Semivented. I also had to put on some windproof as the temperature dropped and the wind picked up.

So dressed and equipped for the elements I was ready to continue flying … and filming with the drone.

…and if you ask me I think this video really is showing the cool combination of drone footage and kite flying! I hope you agree with me!

The Wind Picked Up

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