Can I Use a Drone to Film Myself Flying Kites Indoors?
Is it possible? Can I really use my drone to capture cool footage of myself flying kites indoor? Well, let’s find out!
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Yes, I know…. In general, it is not safe to fly a drone indoors. Drones are designed to be flown in outdoor, open spaces because they rely on GPS for stability and to maintain their position. GPS signals are usually too weak or unavailable indoors. So without the GPS signals, the drone may lose stability and crash.

In addition, drones can be damaged if they collide with objects or people inside a building. Finally, flying a drone indoors could be a safety hazard to anyone who is inside the building. For these reasons, it is best to avoid flying a drone indoors.

Of course, this is obvious, but if I really wanna film myself flying indoors, is it even possible? Now, that was what I was going to find out in this test!

But first, some assumptions.

I do not have another person that can fly the drone for me so I will have to do this all by my lonesome! So I decided to break down this test into two phases:

First I wanted to find out if it’s even possible to fly the drone indoors, you know, take off, hover, up and down, back and forth and some turning. Yes, the really basic stuff.

Second I wanted to find out if it is a way to fly the drone autonomously, having the camera and/or the drone to follow me while I’m moving around on the … floor.

So a couple of days ago I found myself inside that riding arena with all the required equipment!

And if you want to know how it all went, you better check out the video below!

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