Noone to Blame But Me!

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I had it all worked out to a tee! Everything was ready, the conditions were great, I drove off to the field and opened my rucksack…

…and I’d forgotten the drone batteries at home!!!☠?????


I had planned this session down to the tiniest of details, all the cool drone shots I was gonna make, low and slow epic cinematic shots of the location, follow-me shots while walking up the beach, close-ups when assembling the rokkakus, tripod-shots launching the kites and a bunch of cool drone shots of the rokkakus up there in absolutely PERFECT conditions!

….and I managed to FORGET those drone batteries at home!

Well, so it goes. I didn’t bother to drive back home to get them. You know, daylight is scarce up in my neck of the woods this time of year, so I wanted to stay on the beach to fly and – as always – I had a Plan B.

So i hauled the only quad kite amongst the Rokkakus out of the bag, assembled it and hooked on the flying lines. Wow, the wind was butter and the A-Quad Hardcore did exactly what I told it to out there at the other end of the flying lines. ?

After having warmed up a little, it was time to play out the Plan B card. So I landed the A-Quad on its leading edge, walked over to my rucksack and pulled out a GoPro camera and a clip mount and attached the camera at the centre of the kite’s leading edge.

i was ready to rock’n’roll!

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