When the sun rises at 09.12 and sets at 15.16, daylight is scarce. Better fly it when you can. ☀️
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The 26th Nordic Kite Meeting
Blokhus Denmark
May 13th - 19th 2024

Yes, that’s December here up north. Daylight is scarce and when it’s overcast it’s even worse. So I was delighted to see the weather turned out like forecasted, sunny! …and with a nice breeze coming in from the north by northwest and the temperature a few degrees above freezing. Let’s fly a kite, shall we?!

I had a Plan A, but as you can read all about in this post, I had to switch to Plan B for pretty obvious reasons.

But flying the only quad kite I’d brought to the beach – an A-Quad Hardcore – wasn’t bad at all! This kite is smooth as [fill in your choice here] and a perfect kite for the current wind conditions, 5 to 8 m/sec (11 to 18mph).

it’s been a while since I flew the Hardcore, but after a couple of minutes flying, all the rust was shaken off and the kite would do everything I asked from it.

As you can see from the video below, the December sun is sitting low creating interesting light settings and any object casting long shadows. Pretty nice, don’t you think?

Flying the Scarce Daylight

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