Category: Kite Aerial Photography

I ended up with almost one hour of footage from my KAP-session early this morning. Most of it pretty good because of the stable sea breeze.
Rise and shine! A beautiful morning with an abundance of sunshine and a steady breeze coming in from the sea!
My Plan A yesterday was to pack up the car with some KAP-gear, head out and shoot some video from up above.
My plan was to play with the A-Quad Hardcore and do some bridle tweaking. However, the wind was too light for the Hardcore, so I had to switch to Plan B.
Sunday and a couple of hours on my hands after some hours of house cleaning. What better to do than kill some of that time with a bit of kite flying?
I managed to squeeze in an hour or so kiting today too and did some kite aerial videography at one of my fave fields, Tronvik Beach.
It's been pretty cold for a while now meaning all lakes in the area are frozen and turned into great flying fields!
Another fascination about kite flying is kite aerial photography or KAP as it's called. With a GoPro camera you can also do kite aerial videography!
Today at noon we entered yet another lockdown. Most businesses and social activities are shut down and mobility reduced to a minimum.
The current storm is supposed to calm down tomorrow afternoon and Saturday looks promising for another stab at KAP.
Just as the sun climbed over the horizon in the east, my rokkaku took to the air lifting the KAP-rig shooting the first rays of the golden light and the beach below.
My Plan B worked out pretty well. Got up in the wee-hours and before you knew it, I was flying a kite!
A wonderful day by the fjord. Flying the KAP kite and rig and here are a few photos.
The second Sunday of October is OSOW-day. Nice autumn weather combined with a pretty stable northern wind set the standard for the day!
Finally, I was ready to test the new GoPro Hero 7 Black for Kite Aerial Photography!

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