Kite Aerial Videography over Paradise Beach
After a couple of hours flying the A-Quad Hardcore in perfect conditions, it was time for a change of kites.
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Blokhus Denmark
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As you probably know, lately I’ve become quite interested in KAP/KAV and when the wind is as smooth as yesterday, I was quite sure I would get some nice and stable footage from up there!

So I put my A-Quad Hardcore on the ground and opened up the bag packed with single lined kites. I was looking for my orange 1,80m Rokkaku. I reckoned that kite a good choice for the current conditions. Stable onshore winds coming in at about 4,5m/sec (10,07mph) and I had a feeling the Rok’ would stick like it being glued to the sky.

So I rigged the anchors and assembled the kite, rolled out some line and up it all went. I had to take it down again for some minor adjustments of the bowlines and the angle of attack and when completed I was right. The Rok’ was sitting like glued to the blue sky!

Then I fired up the KAP-rig. Fixed it to the flying line, connected it to my phone and up it went! With such stable winds, KAV’ing is a piece of cake! The rig sits up there without (much) swaying and the wind vane is adding even more stability and keeping the rig up against the wind for good shots!

Here are a handful!

…and off course there is a video too!

Kite Aerial Videography over Paradise Beach

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