Hey, I Happened to Have More KAP Footage!
Yeah, that’s right. And this footage also includes a few reasonably good faked drone shots, so why not take a look?!
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The 26th Nordic Kite Meeting
Blokhus Denmark
May 13th - 19th 2024

As you probably know by now, I really enjoy flying my kites at the beach! And I’m so lucky to live in an area where I – literally – can pick and choose a new beach all 365 days a year. Not all beaches are large at all, but hey, who needs a field?! Wind direction doesn’t matter either, because I can always find a spot that’s exposed to the current wind direction, anytime!

…and adding KAP to my interests give me the opportunity to see things from another angle, adding another dimension to my flying so to speak. I find it very interesting to see my flying locations from up above. It litterally adds that new dimension to things. And what I might like the most is to see the natural contrasts between the sea and the land and all the forms and shapes these two elements can create together.

Discovering this with a kite and a camera is really fascinating to me and as always I really like to share it with the kite community.

So here we go again! Some more cool footage from the other day KAP’ing!

More Kite Aerial Videography – With a Few Fake Drone Shots Included

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