Another Fake Drone Shot Attempt

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Inspired by the lessons learned when first trying to fake drone shots, I gave it another go the other day.

One of the lessons learned was that, yes, it is possible to fake a drone shot using your KAP-gear if the conditions are right and you use the right technique! So when the wind finally decided to settle on both direction and speed, I thought I’d give it another go!

The big, orange Rokkaku – Perfect for today’s conditions

No, I haven’t received the (proper) line winder – which surely will smoothen the line feeding – but given the more stable and somewhat stronger wind (compared to my first attempt) I had a feeling it should be possible to “manually” feed the line smoother than previously.

I also opted for a larger Rokkaku this time giving me somewhat more lift should the wind drop a little. This Rok’ is a very stable kite and when up there – and the wind is smooth – it sits like glued to the sky. Just like today!

So it didn’t take long until the Rok was sitting up there, the KAP-rig attached to the flying line and the GoPro in place. First I let out quite a bit of more flying line so the kite soared even higher lifting the KAP-rig high up into the air. I walked the kite over to a place where I could take in the line and put it on the ground without the risk of snagging it. I pulled in the line and put it carefully down on the ground making sure to avoid any twists, wraps or snags. Finally, I had pulled in the line so the KAP-rig was sitting just a meter or so above the ground. I waited until I felt the correct tension on the line and then I let the line out. Fast to prevent the kite from rising and smooth to ensure stable footage!

I repeated this procedure several times and I had a feeling things were going better than the last time. The kite had a little more lift now, thus making it easier to keep a more constant speed and smoothness when feeding the line.

Later, when I took a look at the footage, my expectations were proved correct. These new shots definitely were smoother than my previous ones. Yes, there’s still room for some improvement, but hey, it’s getting there!

Now we’re getting somewhere!

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