Can you see the difference? Yeah, a brand new front page greeting you all on this the first day of the new decennium.
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Blokhus Denmark
June 2nd - 8th 2025

For some time now I’ve wanted to give the AERIALIS Kites website a more news magazine look and feel. I’ve been searching the net for suitable WordPress themes, but a few weeks ago I made my decision. Nope, I’m gonna make this ‘theme’ from scratch myself using the Theme Builder tool that comes as a part of the excellent Elementor PRO page builder.

Killing two birds with one stone actually, because in addition to a brand new look I got to learn a lot of new stuff on how to use the features in Elementor PRO, tweaking the details with a bit of CSS and finally getting things more or less as I wanted.

Come to think of it. The new-look reminds me of the design I used bak in the “old” at the AERIALIS-DOT-COM site. You know, something kind of similar to this…

AERIALIS-DOT-COM anno 2006 🙂
AERIALIS-DOT-COM anno 2006 🙂

In 2006 AERIALIS-DOT-COM was powered by the XOOPS content management system, and the way I built it up it had that newsmag look. Using an open-source CMS made maintenance and development much easier than when I built it all up from scratch.

AERIALIS-DOT-Com nineteen years ago
AERIALIS-DOT-Com nineteen years ago

This version was initially developed by using Macromedia’s Dreamweaver. Later I converted it all to PHP and MySQL. I did all the programming myself and learned A LOT!

Now the circle is completed and it’s all back to the somewhat familiar news magazine look and feel, but more modern, both the user interface and the technology behind it!

Hopefully, you’ll like the new look too! And if you have questions, comments or suggestions to improve things, please don’t hesitate, but drop me a line!

…and once again…


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