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The 27th Nordic Kite Meeting
Blokhus Denmark
June 2nd - 8th 2025
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Blokhus Denmark
June 7th - 8th 2025

Anders has been working with a new design, the Dark Angel. This is a quad lined kite made for urban flying. It’s a bit smaller than a “normal” REV and from the video, it seems like it’s a pretty capable light wind kite.

I suggest Anders can let us in on the details in the comments field down below! 🙂

Anders’ Dark Angel takes to the air!

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  1. As you know I have designed a new Quadkite more in an urban style and construction.


    Because when I fly a kite with short line (10m) I think normally the kite is little too big. So I did my kite smaller 2m in LE.

    And to get the kite more sensitive for rotation, I put 10gram weight in each side of LE. That gives the kite more momentum and easier to “throw” round the center.

    To get it more fluid in the air. I have to increase the sail, so I expanded the center so that v-points is far out from LE then normal which gives the lower wingtip a length of 82cm. This gives the kite more “belly” in the powerzone.

    The ventilated net is increased in height which give the kite more stability/easier to have on standing position with face down.

    Quite different in shape. Yes… that because of 2m Leading edge and the belly. And I have to expand the higher wingtips to get it more soundless and easier to stand on the ground (like the Djinn).

    The bridle is really different from what you usually have on a quadkite. Its more like an active bridle like Andy Wardley’s active bridle he developed for dual line. You an also see this type of bridle on John Barresi quadkite Djinn or my Spider. He use the term dynamic Sync Bridle, and it is not the same I use but similar.

    John Barresi’s Djinn is a masterpiece of quadkites.

    Hope you like what you see…

  2. Qualifies as: “I have seen nothing like it” (eeh, on the other hand I have a vague memory of a flamingo kite in Denmark (I think)???). Thanks for the details already provided, but: How did you do the black strokes/lines? Is the pink and white single or double layer of ripstop? How is the grain direction in the sail? Frame?
    When I “grow up” I’ll get into some kind of kite making… some day… One of the first projects would be to make a set of QLKs/HWKs of various venting and position them at work to always be available for any unplanned after work kite session desire/opportunity.

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