Cutting Down Somewhat for a Period of Time

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I will have to cut down a little on my kiting activities for – hopefully – a shorter period of time, and here’s the reason why!

If you want the quick version you can take a look at this video … or … continue reading.

I first want to make it clear that there’s no dramatic to this cut down of mine. I will still be flying kites, I will still make kiting videos, I will still publish stuff on the SoMe channels and I will still publish articles here at the AERIALIS Kites website.

But I will also spend a bit of time whit this new arrival at the stable…

Hooked on You B aka Little Man
Hooked on You B aka Little Man

This is our latest addition to our … collection of horses. His name is Hooked on You B but that’s too big of a mouthful on a daily basis so we just call him Little Man, despite his current size! 😉

He woke up as gelding a week ago and last Wednesday we brought him to the stable where he now is recovering from the surgery.

We’ve had him since he was born on June 1st 2020.

Little Man, two days young!
Little Man, two days young!

Now we’re about to start to build his confidence and slowly and gently start to train him a little. Most of this work will be carried out by my daughter, but I will also be involved in this process in many ways. This is going to take some of my time hence me cutting somewhat down on my kiting activities.

But like said, I won’t be putting away all my kites, nope, no way!

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  1. Oh, please stop – Horsing around is not the answer! 🙂
    The sky is the limit! (And I shouldn’t throw stones in my glass house…).

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