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It was an exceptionally warm November day with temperatures peaking at +15° and I had kites in the back of my car!
With an abundance of footage from the T2 session, I decided to put together two more videos!
25 years old but still going strong ... and what a kite this T2 Competition Evo Zero by UK based Aerodynamics really is!
In 1999 ... I think it was... Tim Benson and Andy Wardley released the Gemini, a kite that grew in to a game changer and a true stuntkite classic!
...and if you also like flying sport kites, well, then you just gotta keep on reading!
When was it...? 1995? Anyway, in the 90'ies, Prism Kites brought their Eclipse to the market. Now old school, but WOW, this kite rocks!
"The Phantom has become widely recognised as one of the most influential kites of its time. Popular with competition fliers and leisure fliers alike, it is predictable and precise in flight while remaining responsive and alert to user control."
People have called me a kite nerd, but am I really? I would much rather call it ... passionate!
Hey! Look what I found deep down in my basement. Four brand new Jazz kites from Prism! What to do with them...? Sure, make a stack!
It was just an almost unnoticeable whisker of wind coming in from the sea. Just about right for dancing with the Feather!
What's better than to spend a day or two carving some shallow water with a SHARP tool?
The weather forecast was spot on. The rain was to stop and the sun to shine combined with VERY unstable wind conditions!
On my way back from the beach to my car I was walking through the woods. And then I found a nice little spot surrounded by trees. Space enough to fly?
All right, The wind died down completely so I chucked Plan A into the bin. But how about Plan B?
Back in the middle of January, I dived deep down into nerd mode, flying the A-Quad Hardcore in the middle of the night using a headlamp...

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