The other day I watched a video on YouTube, and I got really inspired! Now, that looked like a lot of fun!
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The video I am talking about is this one…..

Walking in the Air by Kosta

So what’s the big deal about this video, then, you might ask? Why did it inspire me so much?

Well, there are several things about this video I like. First of all, it’s something everybody can … understand!

You know, if you whack a sport kite about in the air doing all sorts of cool tricks, combos and transitions, the Average Joe can’t keep up with your flying. When you execute a Cometè to perfection, the Average Joe just sees you struggling to keep your kite in the air, and he might even come up to you and tell you to put a tail on your kite so that it will fly. (Yes, it has happened to me! 😉)

…and so I did, I put a tail, well, actually I put THREE tails on my kite – Just like Kosta – and just flew large geometric figures and patterns up there in the air. No tricks, no freestyle, and guess what! A couple of people came over and wanted to know a little more about what I was doing! That never happens when I get into that Trick-Bubble of mine!

The kite with its three tails also looks pretty good up there against the blue sky! And if the wind is on the lighter side things are slowing down and the tails are looking really gracious. The graceful and smooth movements of the sport kite in the air are visually appealing and the combination of the kite’s colours, patterns, and the way it interacts with the wind can create a mesmerizing and beautiful display. People understand this!

And perhaps watching a kite gliding through the air is a calming and meditative experience. The slow and deliberate movements of the kite might help people unwind and temporarily escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. You know, disconnecting from the world and connecting with the elements for a while, providing a sense of connection to the natural world.

So unlike fast-paced and action-packed activities – like a hectic sport kite being whacked about – watching a slow-flying sport kite can be a low-stress form of entertainment. It allows people to simply observe and appreciate the beauty without feeling overwhelmed or needing to follow a complex narrative.

So inspired by the video by Kosta above, I put on a similar show yesterday. I was a bit concerned about the wind being a little on the strong side and the beach at high tide tending to become quite narrow but it all worked out pretty well!

The Project – Part #1

In this Part #1 I was using an old Elektra from German HQ kites and it worked fine. However, in the higher wind, it pulled like a truck and was flying pretty fast. I’d like to slow things down a little (and not have the kite pull me out of my socks) so for Part #2 I’m planning to use another kite that might remedy this. Down in my basement, I have a full set of Reactors that could come in handy making me fly graciously in any kind of wind.

Those kites haven’t been out of my basement for many years, so I guess they all will need a little dash of TLC before they can take to the air again. But hey! That’s part of the fun, right? 😉

So stay tuned for Part #2 shortly!

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