After Twenty Years, the Nirvana Still Delivers
In 2002 there was a lot of hype about a new kite from R-Sky, supposedly named the Nirvana.
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At that time I was running a tiny kite shop up here in my neck of the woods and just in time for Christmas, six brand new Nirvanas from the very first production batched arrived at my local post office. Coming with a set of tungsten weights everything nicely tucked into a handy, black, adjustable plastic tube!

It didn’t take long until I did my first Nirvana flight … and … I was hooked! Yeah, within the first flight, I’d become a Nirvana fanboy!

My old Geminis kind of went into hibernation down in my basement while the whole range of Nirvanas became my kites to go. The WW – Without Wind – for no/really low wind conditions, the UL – UltraLight – for light to medium winds, the Standard for medium to higher winds and then finally the HW – High Wind – for those high wind conditions.

Today I have 12 Nirvanas in my collection and pretty much equipped for any kind of wind. And at the NKM23 I got to fly all four of them in the changing wind conditions. The HW was the kite that saw most of the air time but we also had the opportunity to fly all the other variants.

The Nirvana still delivers!

Even being some twenty years old, it’s (at least in my opinion) still up there with the top-of-the-notch sport kites. And they still fit like the hand on the glove of the AERIALIS Team Flyers! Impressively precise in the air in addition to performing all the tricks in that famous book (I’ve actually never seen).

Anyway, here’s a quick video tribute to this magnificent sport kite!


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