I’ve been kind of showing you one of my fave flying locations lately, “my” lagoon. In this post I’ll let you in on the details.
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As I told you in a recent post (video) here at AERIALIS Kites, this little lagoon of “mine” is one of my absolutely favourite flying locations. There are several reasons for that, and I’m just about to let you all in on the details. But first, let me show you around!

Take a look around!

Pretty nice isn’t it? ????

I really like this spot for several reasons. First of all it’s open for most wind directions. Mostly the wind comes from a south, west or northerly direction and the field is exposed for all of these directions. Every now and then, the wind comes from an easterly direction and that might make for somewhat turbulent conditions. Not too bad though.

I really love the scenery. In the lagoon there are a lot of sandbanks that gets flyable low tide. These sandbanks also trap the water in large basins when the tide goes low. This makes for absolutely perfect conditions for looooong tipdrags in shallow water. That’s good for when you crash to, not having to go for a swim to rescue your kite! ????

Third this spot is located close to the stable where we keep our horses. …and I tend to be at the stables pretty often! ???? Then it’s just a fifteen minutes walk down to “my” lagoon and I always bring my to-go bag in the car.

This might be subjective, but I have a feeling that even the light conditions down at the lagoon is somewhat special. I have shot quite a bunch of videos here, and I’m really satisfied with the light. I think it has something to do with how the light is reflecting off from the combination of water, sand and pebbels.

But there’s a downside to it all. The area is closed to the public twice a year. This is where flocks of wild geese mate and hatch, so for the months of April and May and August until September 15th I need to go elsewhere to fly. Thankfully there are loads of flying spots in my area so I’ll be fine! ????????

Below you’ll find a handful of photos from the lagoon at low tide revealing this great flying spot!

South East
North East
South West

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