In these times making yourself socially distanced it’s hard to do some pairs flying. Unless you clone yourself! So I went to the field with a plan.
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So how do I go about cloning myself? Do I need to know a specific scientific twist? Is there a magic spell to say … or maby drink an enchanted potion?

Well, I had a plan when I went to the field today. A cunning plan how to clone myself so that I could do some pairs flying … with myself! ????

A Plan A! ????

Publisert av Aerialis Kites Mandag 23. mars 2020

By the way, did you see I took a sip of that enchanted potion?! ????

Anyway… As I mentioned in the video clip above, it was a pretty windy day so when I got down to the flying spot I hauled a vented quad outta the bag. It was the best choice for the current conditions. I got everything set up, pulled the hood over my head, braced myself and took off!

Brrrrr! Pretty chilly this wind even though coming in from the south! I was trying to warm up and get a feel for the conditions before I took a stab at Plan A.

I pegged the kite down, got over to my gear and pulled out my tripod. Then I attached my mobile phone and set it all up an appropriate place, hit the record-button and started to fly!

I first flew my pairs routine as Pilot #1, then the same routine as Pilot #2. The whole thing took about eight minutes – give or take – to complete. Then I did a second shot.

After half an hour on the blustery beach I packed up and headed back to my car. Brrrrr! I was really cold and enjoyed the comfort in a warmed up car slowly bringing my core temperature back to normal again! ????

In the comfort of the home, I started the cloning process. Using Kinemaster – the excellent video editor for mobile phones – I put two video layers on top of eachother, did some tweaking and…


I had cloned myself and I was flying pairs with my cloned ego!

So despite the current situation, you still can go pairs flying. It just take a little out of the box thinking and some video editing skills! ????????

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