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I drove my wife to work today and when the mission was completed, I had a couple of hours on my hands. What to do....?
Last night we got a nice dump of the white and fluffy stuff, but not so much it was unflyable. No,not at all!
After a few days of inactivity - from kites that is - it was time for me hitting the beach again!
Yesterday I completed yet another build project and today I was up early to fly it before the winds died down!
The wind was supposed to die down at eleven, eleven thirty, so my plan was to get up reasonably early in the morning.
When I built the big Red and Shiny I ended up with quite a bit of leftover fabric. So I thought why not build another, smaller one?
Is the wind strong enough to make the kite create sufficient pull so it will lift my KAP-gear? Now here's a way to remove most of the guesswork from this question.
My original plan was to shoot some KAP of an interesting building close to one of the local beaches. But when I got there the wind was too light to fly the rig.
Ouch! The weather forecast is not good for kite flying in the coming days. It spells rain, rain, rain and ... a little more rain...
The southern winds were reasonably stable for being inland and the setting sun was painting the landscape with its golden rays. It was time to fly a kite or two!
As you probably know by now, I always carry a few, no, many kites in the back of my car. Because then you can always fly given the opportunity!
Yet another "excavation" down in the basement and yet another kite emerged! This time an old Firebird that I built at a workshop back in 2006.

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