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As you probably know by now, I always carry a few, no, many kites in the back of my car. Because then you can always fly given the opportunity!
Yet another "excavation" down in the basement and yet another kite emerged! This time an old Firebird that I built at a workshop back in 2006.
The darkness was about to set and the wind was blowing. What better to do than to see if the Kite Light v.2 was up to it?
Yesterday I stumbled upon an old Eddy kite I made ... it must be at least twenty years ago. It could use some TLC, but after a while it looked good for flying.
Do I need to say more? The three words "Let Us Fly" actually sums it all up. Let's Fly and connect to the elements!
A nice and steady breeze coming from the sea and a clear blue sky. What more do you need to go flying? Well, maybe a few hours on your hands! ;-)
Rise and shine! Great conditions for flying in the morning so I .... went flying!
The traditional Japanese Rokkaku kite, so beautiful in all its simplicity. Easy to make and fly and it makes a great canvas for your creativity!
Yesterday was another nice day of summer up here in my neck of the woods. So why not kill a couple of hours flying kites?
Many years ago a friend of mine was fixing two tiny MagLights to his dual line flying lines to light up the kites whilst flying. It didn't quite work, but...
With 23.000 steps logged, I decided to add a few more on my way home from the stables. I was going to give my Urban Ninja a spin by the lake.
I didn't plan to fly today. However, when I got to the stables, I happened to have an hour or so to kill, so I thought...

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