Yeah, yet another year is coming to an end and once again it has been a pretty good year for kiting!
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The 27th Nordic Kite Meeting
Blokhus Denmark
June 2nd - 8th 2025
Blokhus Wind Festival
Blokhus Denmark
June 2nd - 8th 2025

The 25th Nordic Kite Meeting

The definitive peak of the season was the 25th Nordic Kite Meeting back in May. What started out in the fall of 1999 has now become a tradition and this year we could celebrate the anniversary!

The meeting was once again turning out a big success with a lot of colourful kites and happy faces! You can read all about this event by following this link!

KAP Expeditions

When 2023 is coming to an end I can look back on quite a few successful KAP expeditions where I’ve captured epic footage and edited it all down to quite interesting videos. I hope you think likewise.

In addition to these shorter videos I’ve also put together several ‘behind the scene’ videos taking you along and showing you the full story behind these short videos. And of course you can check out all these videos on the AERIALIS Kites’ YouTube channel!

A lot of kiting

I spent a lot of time flying a bunch of kites at a bunch of nice flying locations around in my neighborhood. I always bring at least one camera along so that I can record enough footage to create a short video from the flying sessions.

There are some highlights, like flying my stack of four kites … and making a tutorial video of the lot.

I also really enjoyed preparing for my part of the team flying routine and especially practicing two point landings. This practicing really paid off flying at the NKM where I could get that kite down and land it in all kinds of wind. Satisfying!

Do you enjoy windless flying? I certainly do. It’s big fun and it will boost your flying skills! Therefore I once again attended the Virtual Worldwide Windless Kite Festival in February. A few hours spent with other fans of windless flying. Absolutely wonderful!

Another highlight of the season was the making of the Basics of Windless Flying tutorial video. This is probably the video that has taken the longest to make, from the early planning, the flying and filming, the comments and the edit.

I really liked the final result and I hope you do too and that it will inspire you to take a stab at windless or indoor flying too. Like said, windless flying makes you a better pilot with a better understanding of what impact the wind is having on your kite!

A Little Less Time for Flying

In September my wife did a pretty serious knee surgery. Simply put…she had a knee replacement. She has recovered, slowly but surely, but this surgery has of course had an impact on several aspects of our lives and put limitations to my time for flying. You have probably noticed a drop in my activity on the AERIALIS Kites’ website and social media channels.

Sorry for that, but you know, family first!

What About 2024?

Well, i do have some ideas and stuff up my sleeve and of course another edition of the Nordic Kite Meeting is in its early planning phase. Make sure to note in your calendar, May 13th to May 19th. That’s when all the action is taking place in Blokhus, Denmark next year! …and we do have a couple of surprises for you!

More tutorials

There will be more tutorials! I have a couple of ideas and one of them is to make another tutorial on the basics of windless flying. But this time I’m gonna use a quad kite rather than a duallie. But other than that nothing will change. I will be doing the same basic moves, but now with a quad lined kite.

Because you can do all of the basic moves with a quad as well, the launch, the up and over, the up and over and return and the 360. And in this planned tutorial I’ll let you in on all the details!

I’m planning a couple of other tutorials too, but so far it’s a bit early to relieve what they will be about. You just hang on in there and I think you’re gonna like them!

More KAP Expeditions

I’m using Google Maps to look for interesting places to do kite aerial photography and videography. And in my quest (?) for these places or locations, I’ve come up with a nice little list of places well worth investigating.

This time I’m looking for buildings, constructions or other interesting structures and if wind and weather allows, I think there will be some really interesting stories to tell in 2024. So keep your fingers crossed for good conditions!

Flying in General

Hopefully my wife’s condition will continue to improve leaving me with a tiny bit of more time to go flying. And as always I’ll bring my camera bag, a couple of tripods and other stuff to capture my kiting so that I can share my moments with you and hopefully inspire you to grab your kites’ and go out there and fly yourself!

I guess that about wraps it all up for now and all that’s left for me to say is….

  • Stay safe!
  • Take care!
  • Peace!
  • …and Just Fly!

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