Right now I’m doing some revamping on AERIALIS Kites. However, I would like you to help me. What layout do you prefer for the home page?
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Yes, I’m trying to revamp the AERIALIS Kites website a little. Well, not just a little, quite a bit actually. I’m thinking of replacing the current front page with something completely different, a much more news magazine look.

But I can’t really make up my mind what design to go for. So now I could use some advice. I’ve created a poll on the Facebook page – a poll which is available down below too – where you can tell me what layout you would prefer.

I’ve decided to end the poll because I’ve made up my mind. ? I’ve done the revamp!

If you have comments to either of the designs or other suggestions, please let me know by posting in the comments field below or in the comments field on the Facebook page.

Any thoughs are appreciated!

Thanks in advance!
Sven A.

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