One of the most significant differences between a QLK and a DLK is that the QLK can fly upside down.
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…and I really mean flying upside down or inverted. Not like a dual lined kite that can only float upside down, like in a Fade, Backflip or similar.

No, a Quad can really fly upside down… and hover… and side slide! All important facets of QLK flying.

Because apart from looking cool all by itself, this type of flying is crucial if you want to take your flying skills to a higher level. Like holding your inverted position at 6 o’clock when forming a ball flying with your (team) mates. Or sweeping the grass in an impressive inverted side slide. Or controlling your kite upside down no matter where in the wind window and regardless of the wind conditions.

I find the inverted hover a great way to really connect with the kite and the elements. You know, when the kite sits in a relatively stable hover and you feel and adjust for every little change in the conditions.

Those subtle inputs required to keep the kite in that position. I find this very rewarding and I really can feel being connected to the elements. It’s a good feeling.

So whenever I fly I spend a lot of time with my kite upside down looking for that perfect inverted hover or those smooooth and sweeping low inverted slides. It looks soooo good when I nail them and here’s a quick compilation from the weekend. No absolutely perfect ones, but some are reasonably decent. Or…?

Upside Down – well… mostly

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