As you probably have noticed, lately I’ve been doing some revamping to the website … again!
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As of January this year, I did a major revamp of the AERIALIS Kites’ front page. I made a magazine inspired page using the Elementor Page Builder and it all ended up looking something like this…

The old news magazine design
The old news magazine design

In March this year, someone broke into the site and had a bit of fun with SQL injections. Thankfully I discovered this before major harm was done, but it was a time-consuming job cleaning it all up. While I was at it, I did yet another revamp to the site, leaving it something like this…

March 2020 revamp
March 2020 Revamp

After a while, I considered revamping the site once again. I write new blog posts quite often and I would like to present these posts in a better way than with the March 2020 revamp. You had do hit the “Kite Blog Posts” button or scroll down the page a little to get to the latest posts.

With this new August 2020 revamp however, you’ll get the latest stuff “right into your face” as soon as the homepage is loaded!

August 2020 Revamp
August 2020 Revamp

With this new magazine look, you’ll immediately see the latest posts added to the AERIALIS Kites website. Hopefully, this change will increase traffic. On the home page you’ll also find sections with the latest posts within the different categories like the “Learn to Fly” column, news about the AERIALIS Team Flyers, dual lined and quad lined flying, kite building and kite aerial photography!

Off course you will also be presented with the latest videos on our YouTube Channel, links to our Facebook page and Instagram profile and other stuff.

I’ve also taken a closer look at the menu and rather than “hiding” it behind a hamburger-icon, I’ve shortened it down and you will have it at the top of your screen wherever you are on the site (browsing using desktop or tablet mode).

To put a long story short, I hope you like the new magazine design and feel free to add your comments, questions or whatever in the Comments Form down below!

Just Fly!

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