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Really Weird Stuff

When I arrived on the beach there was absolutely no wind, I mean it was dead calm. I pulled a zero wind out of the bag and started to fly and then BANG!- within a split second - the wind hit at 8ms!

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I considered myself very lucky to have gotten that fragile zero-wind kite down in one piece given the circumstances. It was really weird. From zero to … a lot within a split second, and I mean it literally!

Another really cool side effect of that sudden wind was the yellow cloud of pollen blown off from the surrounding pines. The surroundings could look like a scene from a world war one movie with a mustard gas attack going on! A thick cloud of that yellowish dust rose from the trees and significantly blocked the sunlight. Unfortunately, I didn’t get it on video.

But now there was wind, a nice 7 to 8m/sec blowing in from the sea. Like said, I put the zero wind kites down and went for the green, triple vented quad instead. A much more suitable kite given the dramatic change of conditions!

And that kite – that we made ten years ago – still delivers the goods! Out there on those thirty-meter lines, it was dancing around in the air. Fast or slow, forwards or backwards, upright or inverted, no worries! This is a great kite that can take the strong winds with ease. It used to be double vented, but in September last year (2020), I added two more panels of mesh to have the kite fly in even higher winds. And these extra panels of mesh do work. The kite needs and will fly in higher winds and the increased ventilated surface also allows a smoother ride in bumpy conditions.

If you don’t believe me, why not take a look at the video below. The wind is about 6-8m/sec (and dropping somewhat) and the kite performs really well! At least I think so! 😉

Really Weird Stuff

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