Preparing for Upgrading to WordPress 5.7
On March 9th, the WordPress team released a new version of their CMS. We’re now talking WP 5.7 and some major upgrades are in there.
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But hey, not so fast! Any software upgrade might also contain some pitfalls! So I better take it slow. And as always before upgrading or installing new software some preparations will be required. Unless you’re looking to add a dash of additional exitement into your life! 😉

But first a quick rundown on the new stuff included in the 5.7 version:

  • Loads of improvements in the Gutenberg editor … like …
    • Drag-and-drop blocks
    • Full height blocks
    • Block variation descriptions
    • Social icon sizes
    • Improved buttons
    • Adjustable font size in more block types
    • …and more
  • One-click HTTP->HTTPS migration (!)
  • Standardized WP-Admin Color Palette
  • New Robots API
  • Lazy Loading iFrames
  • And quite a few “Under The Hood Changes”

So as you can see, loads of new stuff and slight potential for something to go wrong. 😉

So …. I won’t update the site to WordPress 5.7 right away. First, there are some precautions to make. And one of the easiest – but also one of the hardest 😉 – is to wait for a week or so. Wait for others to discover the issues, and wait for the issues to be taken care of by the WordPress team.

Then I have this staging site to play around with. You know, a complete copy of the original website. In this staging website, I can play around with things, tweak and tune to see if everything – or at least the most important things – are working.

The next step – providing everything looks good messing about with the staging site – is making a complete backup of the original site, so that it can be rolled back should something go wrong before I click the upgrade-button … and hope for the best! 😉

And if something does go wrong, no worries! All I have to do is restore my backup. But hopefully, my preparations will have taken care of any issues so the upgrade will work out fine!

My progress plan is to wait until over the weekend before I do the upgrade. If everything works out as planned, there’ll be next to no downtime and when completed, everything should run smoothly again.

I’ll keep you posted!

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