On Thin Ice

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Wow! I’ve been dying to fly this space for a long, long time. Today conditions were perfect to give it a go!

Along the path to one of the local beaches where I like to fly, you find this special place. A handful or so of old and dying trees in the outskirts of a large field. Usually, there’s a small pond in the middle of the trees and when the wind is coming from the exact right direction, it’s flyable. However, in the summer, this field is populated by 30-40 horses. Not exactly making kite flying a good idea!

Today, however, no horses, wind coming from that perfect direction and the pond more or less covered with a thin layer of ice with some patches of water on top.

My Plan A was to pass the field and shoot some footage for my next tutorial on the beach, but when I found the conditions just right to fly this extraordinary space I just couldn’t let the chance slip.

They say that a picture will tell you a thousand words, so here are a few photos from this pretty unique flying spot.

Flying between the trees
Flying between the trees
Intricate flying conditions
Intricate flying conditions
But when you get it right, it's magical!
But when you get it right, it’s magical!
Walking on thin ice
Walking on thin ice
Golden sunshine
Golden sunshine
Getting the camera in the right position require some effort
Getting the camera in the right position require some effort

It’s definitely not the best place to fly if you’re looking for a wide-open spot with nothing between yourself and the wind. But if you have a portion of quad line kite flying skills under your belt and willing to walk barefooted in ice-cold water to get the camera in the right position it’s surely worth it!

Ice cold ... Literally!
Ice cold … Literally!

So when everything set up, the light wind Zaephay at the other end of the lines I was ready to give it a go.


The Zaephay … or Walking on Thin Ice

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  1. Travelling somewhere distant abroad to get to that exotic spot? – Not needed here!!

    Nice distinct moves at 01:00. Also liked, the short double pulse input of control just before passing the top edge of the video at 02:40.

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