No Snow at Saltholmen Anymore

No Snow at Saltholmen Anymore

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The 26th Nordic Kite Meeting
Blokhus Denmark, May 13th - 19th 2024
The last time I flew at Saltholmen, there were patches of snow on the ground. Not anymore!

The last time I flew my kites at Saltholmen it was April, and shortly after a spring snowfall, there were quite a few patches of snow on the ground.

Since then the temperature has increased and we’ve had pretty much dry weather so now there is no snow there. And the grass is looking like August after a hot summer rather than early June.

I’d brought a few Power Sleds, the Pilot by Peter Lynn as lifters for my KAP-rig and when I arrived at the tiny peninsula, the wind had – just like forecasted – turned from a north-westerly to a more southerly direction. I’d say the wind speed was about 5 to 6 meters per second and just about perfect for doing some KAP.

However, it didn’t pick up as it should according to the weather forecast. Instead it slowly started to drop and soon I had to remove the gimbal from the picavet to keep my camera in the air.

The footage becomes significantly more bumpy when you get rid of the gimbal, but I was hoping to get some decent footage nevertheless. I did, but a bit too jerky for my liking. But I could do some pretty nice screenshots and include them in my video.

Finally, the wind dropped so low the 36 Power Sled wouldn’t generate enough pull to even lift the picavet and the GoPro camera so I decided to call it a day.

But a nice day it was, and no complaints from me when you can spend a few hours in such nice surroundings!

No snow around anymore!

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