Today I stumbled upon a new Flic Flac Variation while flying my yellow vented. No video for you right now, but I’ll try to talk you through it.
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As you might know, you surely can flic Flac a quad kite. How well the kite will do the flic flacs depends both on its construction and its bridle, and off course pilot input.

With the kite in an upright position, a strong whack on both break lines will ‘flic’ the kite and another whack on the break lines within a split second or so will ‘flac’ the kite back into that upright position again.

If you do the ‘flic’ close to the ground and allow plenty of slack in all your lines, you can actually land the kite on its leading edge with its bridle facing away from you and the lines are coming over the trailing edge!

Now another significant whack on the break lines will whip … or ‘flac’ … the kite over and done correctly the kite will end up on its down spar tips, ready for launch. Pretty spectacular when you get it right.

Now, turn your kite over into that inverted hover. Got it?

Once again two significant whacks on your break lines will flic flac your kite. It doesn’t matter that your kite is upside down when you do the flic flac, it works nevertheless! If you get the timing and everything right that is. ?

Today I got more out of the inverted flic flac. And I found out kind of by accident.

I did a few inverted flic flacs pretty close to the ground and … Whooops! The kite ended up on the ground after a ‘flic’. It was standing on its down spar tips, with its bridle away from me and the flying lines coming under the kite at its trailing edges!


Could I get it back into flying position again?

I gave both break lines another pretty hard whack and the kite spun around, back into a really low inverted hover! ?

Incredibly cool

But was it repeatable? I gave it another go and I almost nailed it again! Another go, and… yes! Again! The inverted flic flac landing! ?

Unfortunately my mobile phone had run out of power so I didn’t get it on video, but I promise you … I’ll film it as soon as possible and publish the video here the AERIALIS Kites!

Stay tuned!!! ?

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