I managed to squeeze in some flying today despite the somewhat challenging conditions.
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Heaps of snow, darkness, crappy winds and freezing temperatures. Who could ask for more?

But I was living up to my [kiting] motto, Just Fly! …and so I did!

I even brought the tripod and the mobile to shoot some footage from the street. The flying is not actually that funky, but the soundtrack and the editing is.

So let’s go get funky!

Let’s get Funky!

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  1. You are not alone – I have had my share of non ideal sessions lately as well: The two consecutive almost no wind pre work sessions where the forecasts were totally wrong. I stubbornly stuck with 15m 40kg lines when I should have gone to the 10m 20kg lines. One of the sessions was particularly annoying – wasted time moving around on the field, but then the very little wind changed direction without increasing… Times up – continue to work…

    Then the latest session on a nearby jetty instead was too windy for 3wrap frame (even when using the full vent). I skipped changing to to 4wrap due to the cold weather since already a considerable part of the (short endurable) time went to warming the fingers. On the other hand you always learn something – though not always what intended.

    I should purposely try some poorer wind conditions – always seek the few good places for the wind (except for just a few no/low wind sessions). It is a combination of that it should look good and that I want to make the best of the situation (including finding a good place), but mainly I think it is about taking the step and try the turbulent (city-like?) place (and initially fail) in public. And yes this hesitation is rather stupid and limiting – even more so when considering that people in general do not know what to expect.

    In the above video it is a bit difficult to get an idea of how much that obstructs the wind because the camera points downwind and also because it is dark.

  2. There are lots of objects that obstruct the wind in this video. Firstly the wind was bumpy itself.
    …and flying in a street surrounded by houses, trees and a couple of cars made things even worse.
    I’d say the wind varied between nothing at all to 6m/sec, turbulent and changing direction all the time.

    BTW… For obvious reasons, I have MUCH more crap footage not used in the final clip!

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