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The 27th Nordic Kite Meeting
Blokhus Denmark
June 2nd - 8th 2025
Blokhus Wind Festival
Blokhus Denmark
June 7th - 8th 2025

He took his sparkling A Quad and brand new (?) AERIALIS Team Flyers 15″ handles to the beach for some serious flying.

In addition to the flying gear he also brought his camera and shot some really nice video. The result is available over at Vimeo … and here!

Farid and the A Quad

By the way… Did I mention that the A Quad do the Axel?! 😎🤙

2 responses

  1. -Could you hand me a quad?
    -Well what do you want then?
    -I dunno, a quad?
    -Yes of course: an A-quad!!! Time for some axels!

    I must say that I got a bit tempted to (re-)start with axel training after seeing this. Should it be that tricky? Just flatten the kite out and then follow Mr. Barresis advice: ”to stab the water melon” (with the lower/brake side of the executing handle as I understood it). Well I found it tricky. So I have dropped the axel training since early autumn, instead focusing i.a. on learning the (more traditional?) wing tip pivots, turns with preserved speed including 45 deg diamond patterns and to some extent horizontal/vertical widening the wind window (in the vertical direction, because I’m lazy and therefore in both DLKing and QLKing tend to be low so that I don’t need to look high up). Believe that I had an feel-the-presence-of-the-(QLK)kite-on-all-four-lines insight last weekend while doing the above exercises, but I really should repeat this under other conditions before stating such a thing, but I obviously can’t be quiet for long enough.
    I appreciate the videos shared. It gives me something to relate to. The really good stuff to get inspired from is obvious, but also the less than perfect gives food for the thought. What or in what way could something be improved? And also whatever you see, is that move something that you do today or is there something in it that differs from your way and should be tested?

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