I’ve started the planning of my next building project. It’s going to be a super vented version of the WindVale, the Xtreme!
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In my mind, I have a pretty good vision of what the kite is going to look like. I’m using the standard WindVale – the Ordinaire – as a basis for the Xtreme. Same size, same design, same type of bridle, but a lot more mesh! The Xtreme is planned for flying in, yeah, exactly, extreme conditions!

WindVale Ordinaire

So I’m gonna need quite a bit of mesh!

My plan is to stick closely to the design of the Ordinaire. Each wing half will have a design like the Ordinaire, one (kind of vertical) piece of fabric in a contrasting colour along the leading edge and a similar piece along the trailing edge. Between these pieces the main piece including the venting. I plan to place the venting with the same angle as for the kite in the photo below.

Early Sunday Morning
Venting in the same angle as with this kite, but more and narrower

But this yellow kite is not as vented as I’d like it to be. But rather than add one extra vented aera to each wing half my plan is to add several “stripes” of mesh to the wing halves.

How many such “stripes” I’m going to add I don’t know yet. But I guess I will work out the maths and see what looks useful.

For bridle I’m going for an exact copy of the one attached to the Ordinaire. There are quite a few points of adjustments in this bridle setup so I guess I can tweak and tune it in windy conditions if required to get the most out of the kite.

The bridle at play

Of course, I will keep you posted on the progress of my building here at AERIALIS Kites so stay tuned and you won’t miss a thing!

Could the Xtreme look like this?

Here’s a quick view of how – at least in my mind – I see the venting of the WindVale Xtreme.

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