A few days ago I published a new kite maintenance video on AERIALIS Kites’ YouTube channel! Leading edge repair. But I did forget something.
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In that video I was talking about that I found that there was something wrong with the leading edge of my A-Quad Hardcore. I could feel it when flying and I could also see a tiny dent in the leading edge.

So when I had some time in my hands, I decided to take a closer look at what was wrong and shoot some footage of the process. You know, for making a kite maintenance tutorial video.

I removed both outer spars from the leading edge pocket and soon I found one of the spars was broken at the end. Now worries though, I had a replacement rod available. So I replaced the broken spar and assembled the LE and everything looked like ok.

I finished up editing the tutorial video and uploaded it to YouTube and soon I had a comment from Bob asking if the ferrules aren’t glued on the rods … because in the video I never say anything about the ferrules.

Good question!
Good question!

Good question!

On the A-Quads, both ferrules are glued on the centre spar. And that got me thinking. Could it be that one of the ferrules had come loose and started to slide further into the centre spar? ‘Cause if so, this would lead to that the ferrule would leave much less support for the outer spar making the spar more prone to break!

So I decided to remove the center spar from the LE picked to and inspect it a little closer.

…and my findings?

Well, just check out the video below!

I forgot to check the ferrules!

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