I Didn’t Know This Was Even Possible!
I’ve seen it performed with Revolution Reflex Tarantulas, but I never thought that my Zaephay could do it!
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Blokhus Denmark
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Have you seen how the Revolution Reflex Tarantulas can float around the pilot doing a full 360? I haven’t seen it live but on YouTube – of course – you can take a closer look at this … move.

Just like in the video embedded down below.

Joe Hadziki – Inventor of the Revolution Kites is gliding a Rev Reflex Tarantula

So when the wind died down today and I had to go for Plan B, the Zaephay was the first … and the only… kite out of the bag. Light winds at between 0,5 to 1 meter per second (1,5 to 2 mph) and that will do very well for that light Zaephay.

The onshore draft was definitely flyable with the Zaephay and it was dancing around out there at the end of the flying lines. Every now and then I brought it to the top of the wind window and started to do a forward glide to gain some ground.

Then on a couple of occasions I found the kite floating a pretty long distance in the air. Cool! I tried to make the glides as long as I possibly could and then the magic happened!

The Zaephay kind of did a sloooow turn while sliding and actually glided straight towards me. I could just stand my ground, reach out a hand and grab the kite in the air as it approached me!


What happened?!

I tried again and after a few attempts I made the kite do that glide again!

A little more practice and I made the kite to glide a full 360 degrees before I pulled on the lines to take up flight again!

Awesome! I could hardly believe my eyes. Did that just happened?

…and… can I do it again?

Yes, I could! After a little more practice I made several of them, so super slow 360 degrees glides before I could keep on flying!

And this time I got it on video!👍

Now this is what I call gliding!🤩

Listen to this!

Click to listen!

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