Yes, once again it’s time for wishing you all a Happy New Year!
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It’s been a fab 2018! I really hope you can say the same!

I’m looking forward to new kiting experiences in 2019 and hope I will be able to make memories with you next year too.

Once again….

Happy New Year to all my fellow kiters out there!

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  1. > …wishing you all a Happy New Year!
    Thank you for that and a Happy New Year to you as well!

    > I’m looking forward to new kiting experiences in 2019…
    Me to – and I have kind of already started by making the end of 2018 “kiting great”: The recently ”discovered” nearby jetty has so far increased the post Christmas kiting opportunities from one to five sessions (well that situation won’t unfortunately last when being back to work though)!! Even if the 25m lines were not practical there (instead 15m lines were OK) and the jetty is less than two kites wide (at the kite end of the line) I’m much grateful for the new range of wind directions that has now opened up for kiting. In addition to the tip pivot ladders I’ve now more gotten started with practising tip pivot turns with preserved speed. Kind of examining the relations/distinctions between the two of them. Also trying to sort out other turns such as larger radius turns and diamond/zig zag patterns with and without dead stops.

    Btw. that artful “New Year-ified” midvent Rev (B-series?) in the above image, could it be a highly familiar one (and/or a “theoretical” midvent from a “A quick update” blog comment)?

    1. Yes, you’re quite right about the picture. It’s a photo of fireworks (downloaded from and a photo I shot at the kite hill outside the Danhostel Friday before the Quad Clinic in Copenhagen.

      If you look closely you can see both your kite and yourself! 🙂

  2. Hmm… I hope (and prefer to believe) that what appears to be creases in the ripstop instead is from the background firework or else I should seriously evaluate my bungee tension checking habits!

    > …downloaded from…
    Never heard of them. Might be a handy source some day when looking for images. Usually I search for ”creative commons”, then possibly ending up on Wikimedia, but I have no precise standard way of getting the images that I quite rarely need anyway.

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