Don’t Leave Your Stuff Behind on the Flying Field!
I’m not quite sure how to categorise this post, but here’s a smart tip I stumbled upon while on Facebook well worth sharing.
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If you’re like me you tend to bring quite a bunch of misc stuff when flying. You know, kites, lines, handles, ground stakes, spare parts, a handful of nifty repair tools, a coffe mug, and other nit bits.

If you’re like me, it might also happen that you leave stuff behind on the field when leaving. You either forget to pick it up or you can’t find it hiding in the grass or sand.

But here’s a quick tip for not losing your stuff on the field, or rather, how to find whatever you leave on the ground.

Tie a ribbon to your tools
Tie a ribbon to your tools

Just tie a piece of ribbon to your gadgets! This makes it easier to find lying on the ground. Half buried by sand or hidden in the grass. Easy and cheap and it will keep your frustrations at bay.

2 Responses

  1. Ahh… forgetting stuff on the field is not my way – I has only happened twice, no three times I mean, no… 🙂 Also a batten that has fallen off can be very hard to find. I have made it a ritual to always check the field before leaving and never put anything difficult to see in the grass. Any quad spar swaps either go directly into or on top of the bag. Don’t put the winders in the rear pockets – It is likely to bounce out somewhere. Rolling Stones was plain wrong – never paint it black – At least if it’s small and is brought to the field.

    The main QLK kite stake (almost never use one for DLKs) is a screw driver where the handle is completely covered with red tape. I used to have one with a green handle, but that didn’t last for long before it was lost in the grass (“big surprise!”).

    Pre-corona when going by commuter train/subway/bus I never put the kite bag so that I can get up without being reminded by the kite bag (like putting one arm/leg through a bag handle etc…). It has even happened that after just having gotten off the train that I felt extremely worried because I left without the kite bag and then suddenly realized that that trip was a nothing-to-do-with-kites-trip.

    1. Sounds like you’re pretty organized with your kiting gear! ?

      What has baffled me from time to time, is the fact that orange flying lines kind of become invisible lying on the ground, especially on a grassy flying field! You should imaging that bright orange coloured lines should be pretty visible on the ground, it’s such a contrasting colour to the green grass, but no! White lines are MUCH more visible!


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