If you’re familiar with WordPress, you have seen the WP admin dashboard. Not quite living up to today’s standards.
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However, there are plenty of ways to tweak the look and feel of this dashboard, and today I’ve been doing some heavy-duty cleanup of the administration panel at AERIALIS Kites.

No, there’s nothing that you as a user will notice in any way, but for me – working behind the scenes – it’s quite a big improvement, and much more pleasant for my eyes!

The original and – in many peoples opinion – pretty outdated and dysfunctional design – can look something like this…

Original and Messy WP Dasboard
Original and Messy WP Dasboard

Not very intuitive, at least not for the inexperienced administrator, pretty ugly (well…. at least in my eyes anyway) and a pretty outdated look and feel.

But now after my cleanup I can rest my eyes on an admin dashboard that is intuitive and focus on the tasks that are important, looks great (well… at least in my eyes anyway) and has got a much sharper look and feel.

WP Dashboard Cleanup
WP Dashboard Cleanup

The above is now what the cleaned up admin dashboard looks like after the cleanup. Much better don’t you think?!

First I can choose between the four most common daily tasks; adding new posts, browse all posts, browse all pages and administrate media.

When scrolling down I get access to other important tasks that I do a little less frequent. Then it all looks like this.

WP Dashboard Cleanup
WP Dashboard Cleanup

Nothing more to be said actually other then I look forward to working with this new admin dashboard, and if some of you are using WordPress like me, and would like to do a similar admin dashboard cleanup, just drop me a line in the comments field below, and I’ll let you in on the process!

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