I brought both the KAP-rig and the REV-bag to the beach today. Got to do both! Here’s a quick rundown on the REV-thingy!
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Southerly winds and nice temperatures, and with rain forecasted I decided to go to the beach to fly a few kites. I started out setting up a KAP-rig, but more about that in another article. This one is gonna be about REV-flying!

Decent conditions on the beach
Decent conditions on the beach

After dealing with the KAP-rig, I pulled out a REV and the 10m line set to have some fun. And I really had!

Despite the winds coming off the shore, the conditions were pretty good. A tad on the bumpy side, but not too bad after all. I ‘warmed up’ just flying around but then I decided on going for a few catches and trows.

On a 10m line set catches and throws are – literally – within reach. Fly the kite towards the top of the window, put both handles in one hand and with the other hand, grab the upper flying lines and give them a sharp tug. This will pull the kite out of the air and it starts to dive (hopefully) towards you!

Reach out for the kite and grab it by the leading edge! You sometimes have to move on the ground to catch it.

Then make ready to throw the kite downwind. Keep both your handles in one hand and throw the kite with the other. While the kite is thrown down wind, grab your handles with both hands again, and if timed correctly, you’re ready to fly again when the lines go tight!

Here’s a video of it all!

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  1. Thank you for letting me trying out this kite (Danish quad clinic 2018 (which was still in the future at the time of the posting of this blog entry)). Even though it was for a very short time I tried it I must say it was a very good glider when doing catches. I consider it to be the best glider out of the six Hadziki wing QLKs I have ever tested. It had a natural tendency to actually overshoot the pilot when doing catches on the short lines used. Its history, to my understanding, also makes it a special kite.

    Normally, when on 15m lines and being on my 1.5 B-series Rev Std, I instead need to speed it up the last bit at the top of the wind window for the kite to reach me. So, when the kite is at or heading to the top of the wind window I pull down on all four lines (to drive/speed the kite a bit more forward against the wind) and then immediately without delay give a tug on the top lines (not necessarily a very sharp one) to initiate the glide.

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