Like mentioned in my previous post, there was more to come from the Black Edge initial flight. Here it is!
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This QLK is based on the framework of the Wind Vale. However, there are a few modifications. First, the belly of the Black Edge is deeper than the original WindVale. 7 cm to be precise.

Black Edge - More Belly

There are also a few changes to the bridle, the most significant is 5cm shorter distance from the upper tow point to the connecting bridle leg and 3cm longer distance from the lower tow point to the connecting bridle leg. This modification is based on test flying the original WindVale and what bridle adjustments I did to it.

Yeah, a couple of more differences; the Black Edge sail is made of Ripstop whereas the WindVale’s sail is made of Icarex. And of course, the Black Edge is somewhat vented, the WindVale is not.

The rest of the measures are more or less identical to the WindVale and after completing the Black Edge initial flight, there surely are similarities.

Especially the feel of the bridle. Even though there are a couple of differences, both kites give the same bridle feedback when flying. It’s pretty touchy on the breaks – which you can like or dislike – but they surely react immediately on the break input.

Both kites are also well balanced in the inverted hover and just tiny input is required to stabilise the kites in this position.

Despite having six panels of mesh, the panels are quite narrow so the Black Edge is not that vented. Just enought to smoothen out some of the gusts.

Well, enough mumbling, it’s time for the video!

Black Edge, initial flight

UPDATE 2020.11.21 18:50
If you look closer at the kite in the video, you might notice quite a few loose strings hanging from the bridle. These are made for adjustment purposes and will off course be cut when the fine-tuning of the bridle is completed.

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