Anders has been down on the pier again. Bringing a fluorescent yellow semi vented A Quad and a video camera.
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…and it looks pretty good, don’t you think?!

Looking goooood!

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  1. It seems like the A-Quad set is complete or close to complete?: standard vent (vent only along the LE), midvent and a hard wind full vent (with a lot of venting). On the other hand, what is in the 2.0 version, what tweaks are there? Does it instead refer to the semi-vented itself?

    I have not had the privilege of testing most A-Quads. I have only had the opportunity to test the hard wind full vent during *one* windy after work *session* and need more sessions to form an opinion. However I liked the way it turned and only after some minutes of getting used to it, I could just go on with the wing tip pivot practice. My acclimatization process was short considering my framed quad background – I have been on a strict REV diet 99.7% of the time or more likely.

    Also, the axels you (talking to you Anders) can perform in hard wind – I thought that axels was a low wind thing:
    I’m sure that the wind is hard to build up the waves that rocks that boat in the background of the video. This is not the shore of an ocean, the water from which the waves emerges is only a wide river.

    I have never flown a kite backwards this fast as the A-Quad FW. No matter if the cause is the A-quad design, the large proportion of ventilated area or the high wind itself – this was a fun feature.

    However, the trailing edge of my sample did experience some some flutter/humming, especially during gusts, when powering up the sail or (the TE of the outer wing half) during turns. I’m not content with *MY* (part of the) sewing work regarding the inner trailing edge here– it seems slightly larger than the length of the sail panels, so I guess that I should redo this part and tighten it up.

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